The First Ever, vBrownBag Build Day Will Feature HPE HC380

It is time for some new ways to learn with vBrownBag in 2017. One of the new ways is with some live streaming of whole product deployments. We are calling this a vBrownBag Build Day and planning to do a few each year. The basic plan is to show you what it is like to be the engineer who will deploy some real product. The best way to show this is to really deploy the product and show you the “warts-n-all” experience of getting the product to work. The whole build process will be live streamed to your screen for your education and entertainment. This won’t be a one-way affair, we want you to ask your questions as we work through the deployment. We will have the product experts on hand to answer your questions. This is not a speed run to show you how fast the process can be done, it is a careful deployment with some consideration of how it fits with a realistic customer environment. We will also spend some time learning about the product architecture and where it fits into your existing data center. We really want to arm you with knowledge of the product so you can decide whether it is something you need. Then to be successful with your deployment.

The first product we will be deploying is some hyperconverged goodness from HPE, the HC380. In under a month, we will be live from Houston, deploying some hyperconverged infrastructure on live Internet streaming.  HC380 is a hyperconverged platform that HPE built in-house. It uses DL380 servers and StoreVirtual (what was LeftHand) Software Defined Storage (SDS). There is also a layer of HPE’s OneView to manage the platform.

We will be bringing along a small virtual environment that represents a customer’s existing estate and migrating this workload onto the HC380. We will also be spinning up a new workload, using the workload generator I blogged a little about over here. We want to show some real workload running and get into some of the day-2 experience of using HC380.

Keep an eye out here for more blog posts as we get closer to the live stream. Also plan on being distracted from your work day on the morning of April 6th, probably for some of your afternoon too. The live stream will be on our live stream page, possibly also direct on YouTube and maybe even on our Facebook page.