vBrownBag Follow-Up Lessons Learned Writing the DevOps Handbook w Gene Kim (@realgenekim)

Gene Kim joins the vBrownBag to discuss the leasons learned while writing the DevOps Handbook.

Top Lessons Learned Since The Phoenix Project, Researching And Writing The DevOps Handbook Video

Guest: Gene Kim
Twitter: @realgenekim

Show Notes:

– DevOps Handbook Stats (2:00)
– High performance teams out pace others w lower failure rate (3:15)
– High performance teams have a positive impact on business outcomes, not just technology (6:13)
– DevOps is as good for Ops as it is dev (6:36)
– Free 140 page excerpt of the DevOps handbook (22:58)
– Q&A (23:34)
– What is DevOps (30:36) “Made of 3 things: Architecture, Technical Practices, and Cultural Norms that enable the fast flow of work while preserving world class reliability, security, and stability”
– Good first steps for an Ops person to transition to DevOps (33:05)

– The High Velocity Edge (19:10)
– Totota Kata (19:44)

Endnotes: https://github.com/realgenekim/devopshandbook_endnotes
Citations: http://itrevolution.com/citations-devops-handbook/