#vBrownBag TechTalks at OpenStack Barcelona

Conference season is in full swing and the vBrownBag crew is on the road. The OpenStack Summit in Barcelona is our sixth OpenStack summit and we expect to make a heap of great content. While the schedule is almost full right now, we are still accepting submissions using the summit speaker registration system.

If you cannot make it to Barcelona you can follow along with the TechTalks from home on our TechTalks Live page. Once the TechTalks are uploaded to our YouTube channel, the schedule below will have links to each video.

Also critically important to the TechTalks is the support we receive from the OpenStack summit and our sponsor.



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:30 Keynote Keynote Mandy Jin, Mrittika Ganguli – Building Data Centers of the Future with OpenStack and Composable Infrastructure
9:45 Ananth Narayan Sankaranarayanan – Dynamic workload fingerprinting of workloads
10:00 Raul Leite – Known basic of NFV features
10:15 Andreas Roeder – Make Neutron Great Again: Third Party SDN
10:45 Vikram Hosakote – Jumbo Mumbo in OpenStack
11:00 Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel, Chip Kelley – Scaling OpenStack to support large scale Compute – 500 Computes and beyond Trinath Somanchi – VNF Managers – You must know Yotaro Konishi – Exploring invisible problems in OpenStack – intelligent troubleshoot utilizing the Elastic Stack
11:15 Steven Dake – Cisco – Achieving Significant Scale in an Incredibly Short Amount of Time
11:30 Simon Lorenz – Beyond Object Storage – A Unified storage Architecture for IoT Bharath Thiruveedula – Create VNFs on the fly – VNF Components in Tacker Patrick Masse, Christian SCHUTZ – Enable server-less applications – with Docker ready infrastructure and DevOps
11:45 Vishwanath Jayaraman – Meeting SLA: NFV Notification and Remediation using Tacker Yathiraj Udupi – Adiuvo Bot – Smart DevOps using bots for effective triaging and Operations dharmendra kushwaha, Sripriya Seetharam, Bharath Thiruveedula – End to End Network Service Deployment in Tacker
12:00 Simon Lorenz – Sharing – what’s true since childhood is true for clouds! Using Shared Filesystem in OpenStack Cloud Abhinav Agrawal – Exploiting best of Crowded Automation Tools
12:15 Sachin Lakhanpal, Sarat Inuguri – Enabling Policy based seamless data movement between OpenStack and Private/Public Clouds Piyanai Saowarattitada, Merce Crosas, Orran Krieger – Cloud Dataverse – a faster way to process data in the cloud Jacob Caspi, Christian Huebner, Kiko Reis – OpenStack Converged Compute with Ceph SDS
12:30 Jacob Caspi, Mark Baker, Tom Mathews – Geo-Distributed Swift Deployments with OpenPOWER Charles Eckel – Hands on with Containerized Deployment of OpenStack Tomoaki Nakajima – OpenStack integration proccess to super conservatives: case of social infrastructure corporation
12:45 Xinni Ge – Enterprise Cloud’s Unified Customer Portal for Multiple Regions based on Horizon YongYoon SHIN, Chunglae Cho, SAEHOON KANG – No more Network Node “OpenSON” Fully SDN-based OpenStack Networking Vladislav Belogrudov – Containers – Silver Bullet for OpenStack Deployment?
1:00 Emily Hugenbruch – z/VM OpenStack update Salman Baset – Evaluating OpenStack Performance with the SPEC Cloud (TM) IaaS 2016 Benchmark John Davidge – Subnet Service Types – Addressing the Public IP Address consumption problem with Neutron routers
1:15 Kenny Johnston, Travis Newhouse – What’s up with OSIC, and What Can We Learn From It? Anish Mehta – Anomaly Detection in Contrail Networking Thanukrishnamurthy Madhusudhanan, Amrith Kumar – Reference Architectures for OpenStack Trove
1:30 Luigi Toscano,  Evgeny Sikachev – Scenario tests, Tempest, CI and other beasts in the Sahara world Prateek Goel – Cloud Inspector Stacy Veronneau, Ayrat KHAYRETDINOV – 9 Ways to consume Kubernetes on Openstack in 10 min
1:45 Naveen Joy – A scalable neutron ML2 mechanism driver for the VPP platform Jack Zhang – Delivering high performance OpenStack storage solutions with NVMe SSD and Intel® Optane™ technology Junli Li –  Applying the technology of continous data protection in OpenStack
2:00 Maheshkumar Pandurangan – On Demand scale and performance Data Analytics Uttam Dravidam, Marcellus Duke – Overcoming Deployment Challenges: High Quality Deliveries Quickly John Studarus – Security & Compliance Pitfalls in the Cloud
2:15 Anirban Majumder, Vinay Yadhav, Sébastien Grognuz – Tapping in NFV cloud : A real world showcase by Swisscom, Ericsson and IXIA Rakesh Jain – Enabling a Policy-Driven, Self-Service storage provisioning control plane for a Service Provider Isaku Yamahata – The evolution of OpenDaylight with OpenStack: new driver framework in networking-odl
2:30 Alejandro Tesch – Data cloning as a service in a programable infrastructure Marc Curry – Intro to Integrating Containers with OpenStack Networking Manish Dave – Orchestrating multi-vendor virtual security functions using Intel Open Security Controller
2:45 Yusuke Tatsumi, Naoyuki Mori – How Did Our Private Cloud Realize Better Application SLA Using Open vSwitch with DPDK Mrittika Ganguli, Malini Bhandaru – Software Defined Infrastructure using RackScale design for the under-cloud Raúl Gracia-Tinedo – Crystal: Open and Extensible Software-Defined Storage for OpenStack Swift
3:00 MD Nadeem – Got bored of doing code documentation? Try Sphinx Oliver Walsdorf – Cisco UCS C3260 and Ceph for Object Stores Marc Aubry, Frederic Guillot – Ceilometer to Almanach: Scalability, accuracy and efficiency in measuring and billing resources
3:15 Adam Reznechek – OpenPOWER and OpenStack – an Open Datacenter Revolution Anil Rao, Kazuhiro Suzuki, Reedip Banerjee – Design and Performance Characteristics of Tap-as-a-Service Joe Wigglesworth – Supercharging Heat with the Open Patterns Engine
3:30 Kaitlin Farr – Project-Independent Key Management Animesh Singh – Serverless: How to build an event-driven, polyglot Serverless microservices framework on OpenStack Hwee Ming Ng – Fitting OpenStack into your environment
3:45 Sayali Lunkad, Johannes Grassler, Ade Lee – Hiding in the Clouds: Secret Management with OpenStack Barbican Gordon Chung – Gnocchi v3: Monitoring the next million time-series Irina Povolotskaya, Vincent JARDIN – Demo of rapid deployment DPDK NFVi Openstack platforms using Fuel
4:00 Dave Hawley – L2 gateway in a production environment – highly scaled, secured, seamless data and control path Eric D. Schabell – Open the Stack: How to easily plan and install your OpenStack deployment
4:15 Julen Larrucea – BOMSI is buggy but it still has unique features Bin Hu, Thomas Hambleton, Niko Hermanns – The Implementation Synopsis of Gluon Core Takashi Menjo – Sheepdog: an alternative software-defined storage on your OpenStack cloud
4:30 Dirk Wallerstorfer – Next-Generation Cloud Platform Monitoring George Mihaiescu – Openstack and Ceph used in large scale cancer research projects Timur Alperovich – Metadata search: Finding a needle in OpenStack Swift
4:45 Abhijit Dey, Dhruv Bhatnagar, Ketan Nilangekar – Residual IOPs based provisioning in OpenStack Sachin Lakhanpal, sarat inuguri – Highly available, DR ready Storage platform for Multi-data center OpenStack private cloud Takehiro Kudou, Takanori Suzuki – Ceph Performance on OpenStack (Over 50,000 Benchmarks!)
5:00 Janika Schäfer, Oliver Klippel, Adriano Perri – Cloudkindergarten presents Telekom Small Business Cloud Refcard Yann Rapaport – Accelerating Calico using 6WIND Virtual Accelerator
5:15 Ravi Jagannathan – Security issues in Managing IoT devices using OpenStack Sripriya Seetharam, Bob Haddleton – Tacker 102: Beyond VNF life cycle management
5:30 Chris Bingham – Translating “Ephemeral” for the Enterprise: A Guide for OpenStack Pros Dane Fichter – End-to-end VM Security in OpenStack Bharath Thiruveedula – TOSCA Substitution Mappings and more with OpenStack TOSCA Parser and Heat Translator
5:45 Alvaro Lopez Garcia – Introducing preemptible instances in OpenStack Kristi Nikolla, George Silvis III – Resource Federation in a Multi-Landlord Cloud Tobias Ford, Haseeb Akhtar – Trusted IoT (Internet of Things) on OpenStack Integrated Container Framework.