vBrownBag TechTalk schedule at NetApp Insight 2016

We are on the ground in lovely Las Vegas and will be making videos at NetApp Insight starting tomorrow.

The schedule is mostly set. There will no doubt be modifications as there always are.

If you are not here at the Mandalay Bay, then you can watch the live stream of the presentations on our TechTalks live page. If you are in a different time zone, then use this page to get an idea of what the times are close to you.

Also, big thanks to the team at NetApp for bringing us here to make some video.


Tuesday 27 September

10:15OpenStack FundamentalsAndy Roberts
11:30iSCSI HighlightsAndy Banta
12:30NetApp A-TeamTrey Davis and Samantha Mouton
1:00NetApp SolidFireDaud Qaze, Shayne Williams and Jeramiah Dooley
1:30Storage SecurityJarrett Kulm
2:30GitHub FundamentalsAndrew Sullivan
3:00NetApp A-Team OverviewSteven Cortez and Ryan Beaty

Wednesday 28 September

10:15Social Media for ProfessionalsAmy Lewis and Mike Turner
11:45Contain YourselfGarrett Mueller
12:30Next Generation YouJenn Schrie
1:30SDS Rocks ReunionKeith Norbie
2:00GestaltIT Roundtable PodcastStephen Foskett

Thursday 29 September

10:30Next Generation YouKaslin Fields
11:30DevOps FundamentalsJosh Atwell
11:45Infrastructure Extensibility at Home and in DevOpsJosh Atwell