Thanks for the TechTalks at OpenStack Austin

The OpenStack summit is a huge event for vBrownBag, we make a heap of TechTalk videos. The Austin summit last month was our busiest event ever, 106 videos made over four days. This is the YouTube Playlist of the videos. This is a huge undertaking and I wanted to take a moment to thank a few people.

First off the OpenStack Foundation. They invited us to take part in the summit and have helped us grow TechTalks over the last five summits. For the first time ever we had two rooms for TechTalks, this was a huge commitment from the Foundation and I was delighted to be able to accept every TechTalk session that was proposed. The vBrownBag TechTalks are listed in the summit schedule app, so attendees are choosing to watch the sessions live. In Austin, we routinely had standing room only audiences in both rooms and even sessions where people couldn’t get into the room. This tells me that we are getting some of the most interesting technical content of the conference.

Next, I must thank our sponsors, without sponsorship we cannot get the crew together to make TechTalks happen. In Austin, we had Cisco as our sole sponsor, specifically the MetaPod and ACI teams. Cisco has been a consistent sponsor of TechTalks right from the start, thanks for the continuing support.

A huge thank you goes to the vBrownBag crew that came to Austin and actually made the videos. Because we had two rooms there was a lot more work, the team simply took it all on and organized themselves. Despite making more video and having more people it was one of the smoothest weeks we have ever had. I’m delighted that vBrownBag has so many people who work so well to make community content. The crew that joined me in Austin were:

Finally, thanks to all of the families of all the crew. Seven families (including mine) were without someone they love for the week. We all think that we are doing important work with vBrownBag, thanks for your support.

As always, the minute I’m back from one TechTalk event I am planning the next event. We expect to be making TechTalks at Cisco Live! in Las Vegas in July. Then VMworld US in August and VMworld EMEA in October followed immediately by OpenStack Summit also in October in Barcelona.

Oh, one more thank you. I spent a lot of time with Chris Wahl who now lives in Austin. Just a shame that I didn’t catch up with Jen, Chri’s ex-wife before she moved back to Chicago.