Return of the APAC vBrownBag

After a few months off, the APAC edition of the vBrownBag podcast is taking a walk on the network side. A new series will cover the fundamentals of Cisco’s ACI, which is their Software Defined Networking product. This series will be presented by Lauren Malhoit, a member of the vBrownBag crew and a host of the Size Matters tech podcast. Lauren also works for Cisco in the ACI team. The shows will run alternate Thursday evenings, at 9 PM in New Zealand time. You can subscribe to the podcast here:

The (subject to change) current schedule is:

Date Topic
26 November Getting started with ACI

  • Spine/Leaf architecture
  • Demo – Fabric Discovery
  • End Point Groups
  • Policy Driven Networking/Application Network Profiles
  • Demo – Create an Application Network Profile
10 December VMM Integration

  • Highlights of integration with VMware
  • Highlights of integration with Hyper-V
  • Highlights of integrations with Azure
  • Demo – Show integration with vCenter and how EPGs become portgroups
14 January Contracts

  • Continue with ANP – from an AVS point of view
  • Dynamic EPGs with AVS
  • Distributed Firewall with AVS
  • Demo – Dynamic EPGs with vCenter
28 January ACI Automation and Orchestration

  • API Inspector
  • Demo – API Inspector
  • ACI Toolkit
  • Demo – ACI Toolkit
  • Cloud Orchestration Tools
  • Demo – Openstack
11 February TBD