What do you Reckon?

The vBrownBag team love to be involved in unusual and innovative things. One new thing we really like is John Troyer’s upcoming conference The Reckoning. This promises to be the antidote to massive anonymous conferences like VMworld. The Reckoning will be a fairly small gathering, a couple of hundred technologists who like to communicate about technology.

Naturally when John asked us whether we’d like to take part we were honoured and said yes before he’d told us what he would like us to do. It turns out John would like to have an unconference part of the event and for us to help make this happen. I immediately asked Google what an unconference is. It turns out; unconference is what you make it on the day. Attendees choose what they want to talk about and the leaders really mediate an open conversation. This will be totally unlike the vBrownBag podcast and TechTalks but uses the same principle: The knowledge is in the audience. We will spend a few hours on Sunday afternoon (September 13th) talking about whatever interests the people who turn up. Watch out for more details as we make them up.

The main event is on Monday, September 14th. There will be a variety of interesting speakers  from a range of backgrounds. The schedule has not yet been published, but the event focusses on what the IT Infrastructure industry will look like in the mid-term future. What job will you have in ten years? This is a common area of discussion with my friends in the industry so I’m very interested in hearing other opinions and talking with other attendees over the two days.

Naturally making the Reckoning happen isn’t cheap, to keep the registration cost low the whole event is being supported by sponsors. We are still looking for one sponsor to lend their support to the unconference, contact John or me if you would like to discuss this option.

I’m really excited to be involved in this new adventure with John and I think we’re going to have some very interesting conversations at the unconference and during the main conference.


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