vBrownBag TechTalks at Vancouver Summit–The Schedule

We have a packed schedule, as you can see every available piece of time is full of presentations. I’m delighted that the Women of OpenStack have filled almost the whole schedule on Tuesday.

The Schedule now links to each video on YouTube, or you can find the playlist of all 85 videos here.

Naturally the TechTalks could not happen without our amazing presenters, as well as the support of our wonderful sponsors and the support of the  OpenStack Summit as well.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

VMTurbo – OpenStack – Views from the market and reactions from the community

Fawad Khaliq – Network Analytics and Monitoring in OpenStack

Bruno Cornec – Isn’t it Ironic that a Redfish is software defining your infrastructure?


DONG FENG – Neutron Service function chaining using openflow

Sunny Rajagopalan – Why do you need cloud federation?


Feng Dong – Interconnecting Data Centers using MPLS/BGP L3 VPN


Sig Luft – OpenStack as an Uber Cloud

KANAGARAJ MANICKAM – namos- openstack device manager


Sahdev Zala and Matt Rutkowski – TOSCA Workloads with OpenStack Heat Translator


Chris Liljenstolpe – Calico – open source L3-centric networking for OpenStack

Daemon Behr – Hyperconverged deployment options for Openstack


Jeongkeun “JK” Lee – Network Policy Whiteboarding and Composition

Nathan McMahon – High-performance SSL/TLS with Perfect Forward Secrecy for OpenStack Apps


Rob Whiteley – Building hyperscale OpenStack clouds with software-defined storage

Vladislav Belogrudov – High Availability with MySQL Active/Active Clustering


Madhura Maskasky – A vSphere Administrator’s guide to the OpenStack Galaxy

Kiran Sreenivasamurthy – Demystifying Hyper-convergence and Deep Dive into Maxta’s OpenStack Integration

Andrew Mitry, Sridhar Basam and Michael Bradford – Multi Tenant Private Cloud at Scale


Melissa Palmer – So You Want to Convince the Boss to Run OpenStack? Introducing OpenStack to the Enterprise

12:30 Nikhil Manchanda – OpenStack Trove

Madhu Kashyap & Ritesh Madapurath – Offloading Overlays to Leaf switches

Yaguang Wang – Lower the barrier of Ceph adoption in Openstack with Virtual Storage Manager

Geoff Arnold – Cloud service federation


Tony Shan – End-to-end DBaaS Enablement on OpenStack


Lauren Malhoit – Cisco ACI and the Policy Driven Data Center

Jian Zhang – Cephperf: A user friendly Ceph performance profiling and tuning framework


Michael Letschin, Amit Puri and Christian Robottom Reis – Nexenta – Software-Defined Storage Solution Choices for OpenStack

Anne McCormick – Addressing DHCP and DNS Scalability: A dnsmasq Alternative

Nelson Nahum – How to Implement Metro Area Automatic Failover

Venu Murthy – Hybrid clouds using OpenStack, to burst into public clouds automatically and seemlessly

1:15 Karthik Natarajan & Madhu Kashyap – The On Demand Data Center

Michael Kienle – Closing the storage gap – how to administer Ceph storage resources without deep-diving into the technical details

OTSUKA, Motohiro – Introduction to Magnum Container Service


Anthony Chow – What a Beginner should know about OpenStack

Komei Shimamura – Surge – Deploying and scaling data stream processing pipelines on OpenStack


Peter Stachowski – Oracle databases and OpenStack Trove

Josh Ellithorpe – OpenStack in a Hybrid World

Josh Barry – Resilient Messaging with Cue

Jeffrey Olsen – How to Evangelize about OpenStack Within Your Organization


Alex Chan – Cisco – Fun with Horizon Integration Tests

Bhanu Vemula – Cisco Nexus 1000V OpenStack Solution

Romil Gupta – Bringing ESX Deployments into native OpenStack (OVSvApp)

Blake Caldwell – Stateless baremetal provisioning brought to you by Docker and Ironic

Ricardo Carrillo Cruz – Deplyoing Openstack Infra with Ansible

Johanna Heinonen – SDN-based Applications in OpenStack

Sergey Schindler – Using Cinder with EMC Block Storage Systems: Reference Architecture

Radek Pospisil – Policy Guided Fulfillment Of Murano Applications


Rui Zhang – Third-party Storage Extension for Sahara

Yolanda Robla Mota – Storyboard, the task tracker for Openstack

Eric Aquaronne – Hybrid use cases in IBM

Sreedhar Varma – THE FASTEST STORAGE ON THE BLOCK: Practical performance and scalability considerations for deploying iSCSI with OpenStack


Tapio Tallgren – Optimizing OpenStack for NFV

Aparupa Das Gupta – Anomaly Detection for Machine Generated Big Data

Eric Wright – Thinking Enterprise, Acting Open

German Eichberger – Octavia first look


Maish Saidel-Keesing – Cisco – The Oh!! moment in OpenStack

Anupriya Ramraj – OpenStack operations with Socorro : Piecing the jigsaw pieces together

Bich Le – How we built a secure and highly available OpenStack SaaS solution

Adrian Moreno Martinez & Patrick Butler Monterde – HeliosBurn: A REST API Fault Injection Platform


Tony Shan – Pragmatic DBaaS Implementation

Yuiko Takada – Managing International OpenStack Development Team to Succeed

Tim Cuddy – Data Aggregation for Chargeback & Billing Use Cases

Nicolas Trangez – Leveraging Swift Storage Policies


Masathito Muroi – A RE RE -Making OpenStack more friendly to a newcomer

Cynthia Thomas – Life of a Packet/Death of a Legacy

Nithya Ruff – Flash in the Cloud – what is SanDisk doing in OpenStack David Cheperdak – OpenStack Enables Applications

Vijay K. Naik – Service Brokering in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Allen Samuels – Optimizing Ceph for All-Flash Architectures

Andrew Gaul – Introduction to S3Proxy and SwiftProxy


Brandon Hoff – Real World Network Architectures for Neutron NFV and SDN Deployments

Emily Hugenbruch – Moving forward with OpenStack and the Enterprise


Lance Bragstad and Dolph Mathews – Keystone & Fernet Tokens

Yolanda Robla Mota – Automate OVA generation with Openstack Infra

Chaoyi Huang – 1 million VMs in 100 datacenters by OpenStack cascading v1


Joy Dorairaj – Cloud Security – Auditing & Logging Use Cases


Damian Igbe – Best Practices for Neutron L3 HA and DVR Design

Anupriya Ramraj What is in your toolbox for deploying an OpenStack cloud?

Kamal Srinivasan – Distributed Scale out Object Storage using EMC ECS Swift for Openstack


Timur Sufiev – Merlin: a Cross-Project UI Framework for Building the Next Generation of Wizards

Sebastian Jeuk – Scaling L3 in OpenStack – Introducing a L3Agent Alternative


Ralf Rantzau – Understanding Ceilometer metrics with SQL over Streams

Fengkai Li – E2E WAN as a Service

Vipul Sabhaya – Project Cue – Message Broker Provisioning Service


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