vForum Sydney–TechTalks

Great news, the vBrownBag TechTalks are coming back to vForum Sydney. For those familiar with TechTalks you can go straight to the signup form here.

Tech Talks originated at VMworld 2012 where they provided an opportunity for community members, whose presentation submissions were not accepted into the main catalogue, to present the core of  a topic. TechTalks are a ten minute presentation by a community member for the benefit of the community. Since almost everyone working in technology has solved problems and learned something almost everyone could present a TechTalk. The format can be a slide deck or simply talking, they are usually about how to solve a problem or get the most out of a product. The TechTalk is captured on video and published on all of the vBrownBag distribution channels, on YouTube and Vimeo.  If the conference Internet connection allows, the talk is also live streamed from the show.

TechTalks are for community members to reach other community members, any topic that will help other people is good.  The one thing that TechTalks are not is an opportunity to present the corporate slide deck about a great product you would like us to buy. TechTalks are about up skilling and education, the only marketing should be from the TechTalk sponsors who help make the whole thing happen.

If you will be at vForum Sydney and you have learned something on the job then you should share your knowledge, signup to present a TechTalk, the audience is friendly and supportive.

I personally won’t be at vForum Sydney since it is the same week as the OpenStack Summit in Paris. The TechTalks will be run by my VMUG leader friends, Craig Waters and Ryan McBride. It is a bit weird to be missing vForum, I’ve been every years since vForum’s begin in Sydney. Before that I went to the TSX event way back in 2007 and wrote my second every blog post about the event, there were 250 people at that event and around .