#vBrownBag Extra – Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Yesterday I had the pleasure of recording a sesion with Mike LaverickJesse StLaurent, and Steven Poitras. These gentlemen represent EVO:RAIL, SimpliVity and Nutanix respoectively. The three together represent the main players in the HyperConverged Infrastructure market. Since this market is so hot and so very different from the architectures it replaces we wanted to talk about what HyperConvergence is and why you should consider a Hyperconveregd Infrastructure. To keep my guest’s employers happy I also let them talk about the unique features of their own products.

Watch out for some more of these #vBrownBag Extra recordings. They will be subjects and opportunities that don’t suit our usual recording formats.

At the start of the recording I mention that I need to cleanup the video. We never cleanup the video so my mistakes are here for all to see.

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