Long Haul VMUG

It is my turn to make some VMUG pilgrimages. In September I am going to be at the Chicago VMUG summit making vBrownBag video awesome. Since it is such a long way to go I thought I’d make the most of it and also visit the SoCal VMUG Summit on my way home. Later I plan to be at the Boston VMUG Summit in October, on my way to VMworld EMEA.



Being at the Chicago Summit is is the fruition of a plan hatched with Chris Wahl when he visited my home VMUG, Melbourne, for their Summit in February. I live 1700 miles from Melbourne but it’s still where I’ve been to VMUG meetings.

Our plan is to make TechTalk video and encourage VMUG members to present something small and find out that presenting to VMUG is easy. Like the Feed Forward program we want to encourage real users to share their experiences. If you are going to be at this summit and have done anything with virtualization we’d love to hear the storey, drop me an email alastair@vbrownbag.com. As we get presenters and times sorted I’ll fill out this schedule page.


To make the most of the investment in travelling to Chicago I thought it would be nice to visit another VMUG. At the SoCal VMUG I’ll be taking part in an ask the experts panel and presenting around the AutoLab. We haven’t yet worked out whether we can make video as well, hopefully we will be able to find a place for that. If you are going to be at the SoCal VMUG and have a storey email me. The schedule, if we make it happen, will be on this page.


I also realized I can make another VMUG. On my way from VeeamOn to VMworld EMEA I planned to visit some of our sponsors in Boston, where there is a VMUG. I haven’t heard whether they would like me to present or make video but I’ll be there.

Training Opportunities

Between the Chicago and SoCAL VMUGs I will be in the US for at least a week. Being self employed I’m looking for opportunities to deliver some of my customized training workshops. My Operations Workshop is for teams that work in an existing vSphere environment. The team supports the operating system and applications inside the VM. This highly interactive workshop concentrates on getting the most out of the virtual platform and avoiding traps. If your team could do with a better understanding of the virtual environment then drop me an email alastair@vbrownbag.com.

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