#vBrownBag TechTalks Schedule – Atlanta

Below is the schedule for the TechTalks at the summit, when the sessions are uploaded to YouTube I will link each session from here. For presenters and those who would like to see the presentations live we will be in room B207, stop by and say hi.

All the videos have been uploaded to YouTube the session titles below are links to the videos. There is also a playlist of all the videos here.

Special thanks to our sponsors, HP, Rackspace and Cisco, who make all this possible.

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9:45Sayaji Patil – OpenStack on vBlock
10:00Matt Griffin – Using Percona Toolkit to simplify database tasks on OpenStack clouds
10:15Pranesh Pandurangan – Entropy- A framework for audit/repair scriptsEric Windisch – Docker and OpenStack demo
11:00HP Sponsor – Clint Byrum – TripleO – Small tools for big cloudsKenneth Hui – Tale of Two WorkloadsRackspace Sponsor – Jesse Keating – Orchestrating provisioning and manipulation of Rackspace Cloud resources using AnsibleMasahito MUROI – sample implementation of stack convergence in heat – A RE RE again !!
11:15Muthukumar Murugan – Data Protection in Openstack: Moving forwardJosh Durgin – Beyond iSCSI: Block Storage in OpenStack
11:30Andre Beausoleil – What’s new in Fibre Channel SAN Support for OpenStackHema Ramaswamy – Trafodion
11:45Balaji Sivasubramanian – Cisco Network Virtualization Solution for OpenStackPeter Boros – Swapping out MySQL for Percona Server for higher performance
12:00John Meadows – Pricing drives behaviorHarry Sutton – A Bridge to Services
12:15Manisha Arora – No hardware to dev/test Openstack cloud..do it on AWSGregory Elkinbard- OpenStack Log Collection and Processing
12:30Sampath Priyankara – Multi-site connectivity and customer on-boarding with OpenStack and NSXKeith Tobin – Openstack service containerizationStephen Balukoff – Load Balancing in Neutron: Where we are and where we’re going
12:45 Cisco Sponsor – Agile OpenStack Networking with Cisco solutionsRob Young – MySQL Options for OpenStack: what you need to knowAdrian Otto – Solum Demo
2:30Stephen Spector – Pushing OpenStack Meetups into the Cloud: It’s as Inevitable as OpenStack
2:45Isaku Yamahata – Advanced Network Service Framework: Why, What, Where are we Now?Manisha Arora – OpenStack labs for TrainingDinkar Sitaram – OpenSim the OpenStack SimulatorEric Wright – Adapting to the New Magic of Cloud IT
3:00Maish Saidel-Keesing – UCS and Openstack – The IntegrationAaron Delp – Cinder Integration with SolidFireAaron Delp – SolidFire agile infrastructureRoss Turk – Introduction to the Ceph Project for the OpenStack Ecosystem
3:15Evan Scheessele – Using Heat stand-alone atop Public Cloud – Operations ConsiderationsSanjay Mishra – Configuring Ceilometer for billing and chargebackPeter Boros- Simplifying your high-availability database: Choices for OpenStack HA
3:30Ju Lim – OpenStack PersonasKamesh Raghavendra – Mining the OpenStack Community with Neo4jRoland Hochmuth – Jahmon: Open-source monitoring solution Joe McBride – DNSaaS for Openstack: The Designate Project
3:45Alexander Shalimov – Accelerating Neutron with Intel DPDK based Open vSwitchDan Stangel – Community Metrics: A Spacetime OdysseyRuss Lindsay – OpenStack on Cloud Optimized HardwareMohammad Hanif – Orchestrating Inter Datacenter Connectivity
4:00Takuma Watanabe – VM High Availability without Modifying VM SettingsMatthew Quill – Application Delivery in Openstack Clouds
4:15Manisha Arora – OpenStack lab using public cloudScott Lowe – Congress and the need for policy in the cloudGabriel Chapman – Using Atomic Building Blocks For Your Infrastructure Foundation