VMware Fusion 6 – Disable Promiscuous Mode Authentication

The question came up during a #vBrownBag: “How do you disable that annoying little popup for promiscuous mode”. If you have worked with Autolab, you will have seen it too. About 8 times each Autolab build (4 for each nested esxi host).

To bypass it in Fusion 6, there are two methods:

Disabling Promiscuous Mode Authentication – Fusion 6 Pro

There is a handy Networking dialogue to take care of it (Image thanks to @nickmarshall9)

Disabling Promiscuous Mode Authentication on Fusion 6 Standard

This one is a bit more complicated as the network editor is seemingly only available in the pro edition. To disable the prompting for promiscuous authentication, create the following file:

sudo touch "/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/promiscAuthorized"

Then restart Fusion.

Thanks to: @toonces77, @nickmarshall9, and @mikefoley for helping with the details.


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  • Don’t know how I missed this before. Thanks Cody, Nick, Mike and all the other smart vPeoples who figured this out.

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