#vBrownBag – OpenStack with vSphere

This one is a bit outside our Couch to OpenStack series but touches on something that has been tickling the back of folks minds for a while. VMware has jumped into the OpenStack ecosystem. What does that mean? How does that work?

OpenStack on vSphere

This week we had on Scott Lowe from VMware to discuss the various options for using OpenStack with VMware vSphere. We also walked configuration examples for the VMware vSphere ESXi driver for OpenStack Compute (Nova), VMware vSphere vCenter driver for OpenStack Compute (Nova), and finally, the forthcoming support for OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) on VMware VMFS. You can find this on iTunes / RSS here, or posted below:

#vBrownBag Sack Lunch – vSphere on OpenStack from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

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