On Putting the User Back Into User Group

This post is by Cody Bunch

Following on Scott’s commitment to the community, I would like to announce that I too will be accepting five folks (VMware, OpenStack, Unix, etc…) who are willing to step up, volunteer, and speak for the first time at your local user group (be it VMUG or otherwise).

So what does this mean?

  • I will help you select a topic on which to speak (in coordination with your local VMUG leader).
  • I will provide guidance and feedback on gathering your content.
  • I will review and provide feedback and suggestions for improving your presentation.
  • If desired, I will provide tips and tricks for public speaking.
  • If desired, I can provide an online dry run via GoTo Webinar, with as much or as little audience as you would like.

If you think you are ready for it and are willing to take myself (or Scott and the others), take the first leap. Send me an email as well as reach out to your local community leader.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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