vBrownBag TechTalks at VMworld US 2013

As is usually the case a heap of great sessions didn’t make the cut for presentation at VMworld, commiserations to all disappointed submitters.

As we did last year the vBrownBag crew want to help get some of those great sessions from the community in front of the people who will benefit from them. Yes we are doing TechTalks again this year. At this stage we don’t know whether we will have all the lights and glamour that we had last year, hopefully we will because it made producing the talks so much easier.  If we don’t get all the official support then we will be recording TechTalks anyway, maybe in bars or hallways but we will be there and you are invited.

If you have something to share with the community at VMworld US (EMEA signup to follow) then please fill in this form and we can start getting it all together.

For those who didn’t see them last year: TechTalks are a lightning presentation, ten minutes, to cover the core concept of something.  The idea is not to include a lot of fluffy introduction or context, get straight to the point, deliver a message and identify where viewers can get more information.

We had a great time with TechTalks last year and I know a lot of people enjoyed watching them, so submit a session and join us in the awesome.


By the way if you’re at Cisco Live this month look out for Josh and GS, they will be there making awesome and if you’re not there watch out for some coverage here.

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