EMEA #vBrownbag Schedule

If you don’t already know there is an EMEA version of the vBrownbag webinar being run every Tuesday at 7PM GMT out of western Europe. We have already covered a number of topics and have done objectives from the VCP5-DT, the VCP5-IaaS and most recently the VCAP5-CID blueprints. But the reason for this posting is to let people know what we have planned for the next few weeks so that people know all the awesome things we will be covering and so that you can all make a slot in your time to attend and hopefully participate and learn with everyone else on the call. The schedule for the next month is:

Date                   Topic                                    Detail                               Presenter

12/3/2013    VCP5_IaaS Objective 5    Organizations                         Pietro Piutti
19/3/2013    VCAP5-CID Objective 1    vCloud Conceptual Design    Arjan Timmerman
26/3/2013    VCAP5-CID Objective 7    Metering and Compliance     Lawrence Kohan
2/4/2013      VCAP5-CID Objective 8    vApp Design                         Kenny Garreau
9/4/2013      VCAP5-CID Objective 6    Availability                             Michael Webster

You can register for the EMEA vBrownbag’s here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/678193680

If you want to present one of the objectives from the VCAP5-CID/VCP5-DT or the VCP5-IaaS then please get in contact as we are always looking for presenters

Gregg and Arjan

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  • Hi Greg.I missed the Availability webinar on April 9th .. is it possible to view it posted somewhere?

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