APAC vBrownbag returns to design

After a long hiatus due to multiple VMworlds and the backlog of things that needed to be done it is time to restart the APAC vBrownBag.

The VCAP5-DCA prep wasn’t lighting me up so I’ve decided to return to what we do best, design. I think that there are a few areas of design that could benefit from a deeper look and I’m starting tomorrow with basic storage design.  I’m hoping to coerce some of my friends into sharing some of their design knowledge too in upcoming sessions. If you have design skills to share please get in touch.

You can register for the APAC vBrownbag series here https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/885241632

By the way if you’re going to be at vForum 2012 in Sydney next week I’m still looking for people to present Tech Talks, more details of that here http://www.demitasse.co.nz/wordpress2/2012/10/vbrownbag-tech-talks-will-be-at-vforum-sydney/