AutoLab 1.0 released

Hi everyone, it’s Alastair again with more AutoLab news.  Today we have released version 1.0 of the AutoLab which is a huge leap.  As you may have seen on my Demitasse blog the AutoLab has a sponsor, Veeam are helping make the AutoLab better.  In AutoLab 1.0 we not only have the complete vSphere lab in a box but now also the ability to add Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam ONE into the lab. This allows evaluation testing and training on these products without deploying onto your production vSphere.

@SixFootDad Damian Karlson, host of the US vBrownBag, has also put a lot of effort into a nice vCloud Director capability for the AutoLab which I am delighted to have in AutoLab 1.0. As usual there is a heap of automation in there to get you up and running quickly. He even describes how to make that work on a PC with 8GB of RAM. I plan to spend some time using this to learn a lot more about vCloud just as soon as I have some spare days.

I’ve also added VMware View into the AutoLab 1.0 with a collection of VMs that support deploying View 5.0 or 5.1 with multiple connection servers and even a security server for testing lots of different View configurations.

The extended functionality in AutoLab 1.0 is all optional, you can still run the basic vSphere cluster for training and testing and it doesn’t require any more resources than it did in versions 0.5 and 0.8.  If you want to run Veeam or View I’d suggest a host with more RAM or a lot of patience!

When you head over to the AutoLab 1.0 announcement page on to download the new version you will need to provide a name and email address which we will share with Veeam. Please support us by taking a moment to learn whether our sponsors products can help you.

Also an upcoming event, the vBrownBag team will be all over the community space and TV studio at VMworld US running the Tech Talks.  Drop by and say hello, if you’re lucky we’ll still have some bags of awesomeness to hand out.  The crew should all be easy to spot, black Polos with vBrownBag branding.  Rumour has it that Damian and I are actually the same person so come by and see if you can tell who is who.

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