The #vBrownBags Need You!

First, thanks to everyone who have helped make the #vBrownBags what they are… those of you who attend on a weekly basis, who have told friends about the #vBrownBags, or who download us on iTunes. Also thank you to everyone who has hosted or presented a #vBrownBag. With out you, the #vBrownBags would not be what they are today: 70+ hours of deeply technical vSphere training.

Like Public radio, we need to continue to ask for your help. That is, we need more presenters for the VCAP-DCA series over the next few weeks. So, if you have some time on a Wednesday evening to help over 5000 of your closest VMware GURU friends learn more and get certified, drop us a line here:

Again, thanks for your ongoing support.