PowerCLI 101 – Test DPM

DPM or Distributed Power Management is the power saving function of VMware’s DRS. I’ll not go into too much on configuring it here, as that’s quite thoroughly covered elsewhere (Those are 3 different links). I will show you, however, quickly how to test it. Why? Well, there are a few times when you’d want to do this, say: before adding a new host to a cluster, creating a DPM cluster from scratch, or say, taking a VMware exam.

Testing DPM

Connect-VIServer util.provmware.local
Get-VMHost -Name “esxi02*” | Suspend-VMHost -Confirm:$false
Get-VMHost -Name “esxi02*” | Start-VMHost -Confirm:$false

What this does is suspend and power a host on to verify DPM will be able to take the same actions.