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So, a lot… and I mean a LOT of work goes into producing the content you find in the BrownBags, and well, I’ve not been able to go it alone. In fact, for at least the last 6 months, and maybe the next 6 as well, I’ve had a scheduling conflict with school and have not been able to host. Thusly, I’d like to give some attention and major kudos to the folks who do make the BrownBags happen.

Damian Karlson

My comments: When the BrownBags were in need during last years VMworld, Damian didn’t hesitate to step up and begin running the shows and taking us from bi-weekly to weekly. He also lined up some pretty amazing guests.


Damian is a VMware Certified Professional (VCP 4 & 5), a VMware vExpert for 2011, a VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Datacenter Administration (VCAP-DCA), and  a VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Datacenter Design (VCAP-DCD). Damian has been involved in Information Technology for over 10 years. He currently works as an Advisory Solutions Architect (aka, “Cloud Ranger”) for EMC Consulting’s Private Cloud & Virtualization practice.



Nick Marshal

My comments: Nick helped in taking the existing BrownBags from Vimeo and bringing them to iTunes. We’re now at or above 3000 iTunes Downloads a week and growing.


Nick Marshall is currently working as Infrastructure Architect in Sydney, Australia, has been in the IT industry for over 12 years and is passionate about the world that is virtualization.
Discovering the BrownBags when searching for VCAP study material, Nick decided that he wanted to give something back to the VMware community. He now helps out with the BrownBags by converting, uploading and publicising the Podcast to iTunes and FeedBurner. He is a VCP 4 & 5, is Microsoft & Cisco certified and blogs sporadically at

He and his wife love to explore the many great restaurants, parks and beaches there are on offer in Sydney.

Alastair Cooke

My comments: Alastair and I had gone back and forth for a while on making the BrownBags a global platform for VMware related deep dives and study info. While it was hit or miss at first, we now have APAC BrownBags thanks to his dedication.


Alastair Cooke is an independent VMware trainer, consultant and blogger based in New Zealand.  He is the host of the APAC Virtualization podcast and was recently coerced by a past student to host the APAC edition of the Professional VMware BrownBags.  He also holds most VMware certifications, apart from VCDX and teaches VMware authorised courses mostly in New Zealand and Australia.
I have known about the BrownBags since Cody started them, but seldom get to attend due to the time difference to New Zealand.  Meeting Cody at VMworld in 2011 almost lead to me getting involved but it took Iwan from VMware Singapore to prompt me to organize the VCAP BrownBags in a timeslot that suits me.

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