BrownBag – VCP5 Objective 7 with @btobia

It’s that time of week again! This time we’re finishing out the VCP5 Blueprint with @btobia.

Brian Tobia is a technology consultant at RSA, The Security Division of EMC, with a specific focus on cloud and virtualization security. Previously, Brian has held various systems and network administration roles within VMware environments since the ESX 2.x days. He currently holds his VCP4 and VCP5 and is active in the VMware communities and can be found on Twitter via @btobia.

BrownBag Details

Date/Time: Wednesday, Febuaray 22 @ 7PM CST

Thanks again to Damian Karlson for going beyond what is normal to make these happen in my absence. When the time comes (Before February 29th), I think I’ll my VCP5 to his (and the supporting community) efforts.