Open Tabs 1/6/2012

These are collected over a period of a few weeks while out on leave. They have again gotten to be too many to effectively manage, so as I close them out, I read & dump here.

  • Cloud Shark – A vApp or physical appliance, as well as a service, for uploading packet captures (pcap) files. Good for sharing, and reading on devices that don’t have Wireshark.
  • PowerCLI Top posts – Pay attention to the HA, SDRS, and VM Start-up scripts.
  • Y-U-No vMotion – Good post on making sure all your requirements for vMotion are met, as well as a script to do the checking for you.
  • Be Startup You – A good post on being awesome, or iterating till you get there. FIND THE MCDONALDS OF YOUR SOUL. BURN IT TO THE GROUND.
  • On Service – Service is a thing that lots of companies tout, but very few get right.
  • vPanoroma – This one came from vHersey via Jason Boche. vPanaroma is a free vApp that provides a high level dashboard when aimed at your vCenters. Pretty slick, and would look nice when projected at the wall.
  • vCenter Orchestrator & PowerCLI Seamless Integration – Well, title says it all, from the vCO Blog.
  • “Ultimate” vSphere Home Lab – I love seeing what others are doing with their home labs. This one is an 8 part series on the lab, including story, hardware, and setup.
  • Android in Workstation 8
  • vSphere 5 Reference Card: Storage – Updates to the vReference card for vSphere 5 and it’s storage changes.
  • VMware Press: SRM 5.0 by Mike Laverick – Congrats Mike! This is one of the first titles out on VMware Press and continues Mike’s awesome SRM book series.
  • vSphere Health Check PowerPack (PowerCLI) – Gabe form Gabe’s Virtual world brings us not just the vSphere Health Check PowerPack, but also guides on it’s various parts.
  • vCO and Wavemaker – Had this one open for a long while, but seemingly I lost it in the shuffle. Wavemaker was acquired by VMware, and makes building good looking, functional, vCO web portals quite easy.
  • Load Balancing on Datastore Cluster Configs – Good read on the impacts of Load Balancing with SDRS.