vSphere ESXi 5.x in VMware Fusion 4.x

This is a revisit of an older post on running ESX4.x in Fusion 3.x. This time updated for ESXi 5.x and Fusion 4.x. The steps this time around are nearly identical to the ones last time:

  1. Pull down the ISO
  2. New VM
  3. Point the installer at the ESXi ISO:
  4. Confirm the OS Type:
  5. Wait a bit… then awesome:

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4 thoughts on “vSphere ESXi 5.x in VMware Fusion 4.x

  • Interesting that you didn’t get the error that your CPU does not have virtualization enabled. I contacted VMWare and they stated that ESXi 5 is not currently supported with Fusion 4.  This can also be seen in their hardware comp. page to my dismay. If I continue it does install and seems to function but then I get similar errors trying to deploy the vServer appliance. Good news is that VMWare said ESXi 5 support for Fusion 4 will be coming shortly….

    ESXi 4 is supported and does not throw this error when installing it. I’m running a MBP early 2011, I wonder what you are running

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