vCenter Orchestrator – New Plug-ins for Awesome!

There has been a lot going on in the vCO space while I’ve been head down in the book. No excuse to not post about it however. This post is all about the plug-ins:

VMware posted here about the vCenter 5.x plug-in:

As promised in a previous post, the vCenter Server 5.0 plug-in adds over 50 out-of-the-box workflows to extend capabilities around networking and storage operations, and to incorporate new features like Storage DRS into fully-automated, end-to-end cloud provisioning scenarios.  As previous versions, the plug-in provides 100% coverage of the 5.0 vSphere API.  With this new plug-in, organizations can now automate a broader number of use cases, such as dynamic scaling-up and scaling-down of vSphere resources, while taking full advantage of the new vCenter Server 5.0 capabilities.

More info & release notes here.

They’ve also released the SNMP plug-in:

With the SNMP plug-in, you’ll be able to define policies that automatically trigger specific workflows when SNMP traps are received by vCO. For instance, an administrator could configure a workflow that, upon detecting that a vCenter datacenter is nearing full capacity, would reclaim unused resources or provision additional compute and storage resources.  Of course, the SNMP plug-in is able to process events beyond vCenter Server, so the triggers for workflows can come from virtually any device or system that supports SNMP.

More into & release notes here.

Also, don’t forget that there is a plug-in site on that can be found here.