vCenter Ops Enterprise

Was catching up on feeds this weekend and noticed on Duncan’s site that vCenter Operations Enterprise had hit 1.0.1, and there is some good stuff in the release itself:

User Interface

  • A new VirtualCenter Relationship Widget that displays the performance status of objects in your virtual environment and their relationships. You can click objects to highlight their related objects. Double-click an object to navigate to its Resource Detail page.
  • A new Resource Details page that displays information about the main performance characteristics, key metrics, and events of VirtualCenter objects collected through the vCenter Adapter. The Resource Detail page for resource pools, datastores, and folders resembles the Resource Detail page for non-vCenter resources.
  • This release includes a new VC Analysis Page under the Forensics menu. It can show predefined heat maps to compare the metric values of different objects in your virtual environment or you can create custom heat maps.

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • HTTP Post API now supports the following 3 new interfaces:
    • getResourceState: Use this interface to get the state of a resource.
    • lookupResource: Use this interface to get the identifiers of a resource.
    • getMetricDataAndDT: Use this interface to get performance data collected for a resource.

There are also some cool bits in the scalability / high availability section as well. Release notes here download here.