Happy Birthday John Troyer!

Just wanted to make a quick note to John Troyer, the man, myth, and legend behind the awesomeness of the VMware communities on his birthday to say “Thanks” for everything. Really! Some of John’s efforts that I’ve had some real life benefit from:

  • Blogger/Press pass @ VMworld.
  • vExpert 3 years running (vExpert is the VMware analog to Microsoft’s MVP)
  • Numerous BrownBag guests.
  • Same as above, but with listeners. I get chills when there is a shout out on the VMTN round table.

Each of these may not seem big on it’s own, but consider, I’m one of many hundreds of vNerds out there who get the same treatment. It’s always awesome to have someone at VMware who knows you by name and will advocate on your behalf.

Happy Birthday John, & Thanks for all you do.