BrownBags, In Earl Gray – PlanetVM & European BrownBags!

So, starting July 7, the BrownBag series will gain a European branch on run by Tom Howarth. You can find the announcement here.

Those of you with long memories will remember that I used to be involved in Cody’s Brownbag series of online training sessions.  That is until he  moved the the sessions to 1am in the morning GMT/BST.  Well I need my beauty sleep and obviously something had to give.
Well the time is neigh to reintroduce the European Virtual folks to the Brownbag concept so with Cody’s express permission
Virtualization Brownbags the European return.
So starting at 7pm on the 7th of July this will initially be a Bi-Weekly web-ex session.
Use the link below to register

So there you have it! BrownBags at a new, more convenient time for my friends across the pond.

For the us edition or more info regarding the BrownBags including past recordings, check here.