Hints of Things To Come – EMCWorld Day 2

In lieu of a longer post later (tomorrow morning) I thought it would be worthwhile to drop a note about a few things. First was Paul Maritz’s keynote… There was quite a bit of good info in there:
– it costs VMWare .06 per vm per hour to provision a VM.
– the hypervisor is no longer the secret sauce. That is now in management and orchestration.
– real time statistical analysis of your environment will help you identify the kid that peed in the resource pool.
– there are lots of new animals in the IT zoo.

Next up was the “VMWare vision of end user computing 2015”. I’ll need some time to process my notes and get a good post out, but essentially the speaker took up from where Paul left off.
– things aren’t getting written to the OS anymore, they’re being written to newage web frameworks or hybrid kids.
– users expect coherent & ubiquitous access to data. View & ThinApp help, but the answer is bigger.
– automation and orchestration make that happen.