BrownBag – Nick Weaver Edition!

It’s that time again… when I put a post out days before the next BrownBag without really having a topic or goal in mind. Like every other time, the nerves get up… will they sense how haphazard and fickle this house of cards is before the show? While I know somewhere deep down, it’ll all be “OK”.

imageThis time around, I still don’t have an exact topic, but then, we’re having on vSpecialist Nick Weaver. Someone I’m not sure we could discuss just a single topic with. Here’s just a few things that Nick’s awesomeness has brought about.



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Date/Time: 5/25 @ 7P CST

About Nick

Well, if the above wasn’t enough, here’s a quick Bio:

I do a little bit of everything in IT but currently I am a Senior vSpecialist for EMC. I enjoy thinking outside the box and constantly challenging myself with something new. I enjoy enterprise architecture, virtualization, network design, storage design, development lifecycle management, and geeking out.

Nick can be found on here.

About the BrownBags

BrownBags are a series of technical webinars held using GotoMeeting and covering various VMware and virtualization related topics. To review past shows, guests, and topics, check out the archive here.