BrownBag Success Story – RJ Ratan


I’ve done some reflecting on the BrownBags recently, reviewing stats and the like and came across a recent success story.

Who is RJ?

RJ is a virtualization guru with a Texas based Telco and was one of the recipients of the VCP410 ExamCram book. RJ also runs

With the book, some BrownBags, and lots of email back and forth for some clarification on some points, RJ is now a VCP4.


I had hoped when I set out that the BrownBags would be useful to someone. I’m glad to see that we’ve actually had some success!

If you have a success story and want to be featured either in a post or BrownBag of your own, drop me an email or direct line on twitter. Here’s to more BrownBag Success!

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  • Without Cody’s Help and guidance, this could have been an serious uphill task! Thanks Cody, in my book you are a vExpert for Life!

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