No Turtles Were Harmed In The Making of This Post – Long Live PowerGUI

Yesterday, Virtu-Al announced the demise of The VESI… or the Virtualization EcoShell, or PowerGUI with a Turtle:

From now this product is no more, you can still download it at the moment but no further development time will be spent by Vizioncore or Quest on this product, but wait, do not despair, there is good news.

The VMware PowerPack has now come back under the PowerGUI installation wizard and is part of PowerGUI 2.3 which can be downloaded from the PowerGUI site here.

Don’t worry – you haven’t lost anything, in fact the guys at Quest do an excellent job of updating PowerGUI and also do an excellent job of monitoring the forums for future capabilities or bugs or even help with scripting so please do not disperse just go to the PowerGUI site now and download the latest version which has several bug fixes and enhancements over the old version of VESI already !

Heck, I even got a shout-out at the end of the post! If you haven’t switched, you will want to shortly. Long live PowerGUI!

One thought on “No Turtles Were Harmed In The Making of This Post – Long Live PowerGUI”

  • You left out the fourth paragraph of Alan’s post, which is really important. PowerCLI 4.1 or 4.1 U1 users can use the beta VMware PowerPack that was very recently released. The version that comes with PowerGUI 2.3 specifically requires PowerCLI 4.0 U1, so you need to figure out which version of the PowerCLI you want to use and then take appropriate steps to set up the right version of the PowerPack.

    Kirk out.

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