Finding Capacity vs.. Provisioned Storage

Growing up in VI3 I became accustomed to using the default inventory view. While effective for most tasks, you miss out on quite a bit of what the interface has to offer. What so i mean? Take this question for example: “What is my storage capacity, and how much of that do I have provisioned?”

Simple enough, you check the most recent copy of your inventory spreadsheet (or it’s analog) and spit out the answer. Oh… you don’t have one? Was it last updated in the eighties? Let’s poke on the vSphere Client interface to find the answer:

Change your inventory view to “Datastores”


You’ll then see a screen similar to this:


In summary, my 50GB datastore has 60GB provisioned and 35GB free. Selecting the “Virtual Machines” tab, you get a good break down on a per VM basis:


Hope you found this useful.

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