Happy 1st to ProfessionalVMware.com

2510910697_b422f502ef_m[1] Actually, this happened on the 2nd of this month, but alas. It has been an exciting, whirlwind year for ProfessionalVMware, and I hope y’all enjoyed it too! But a single blog post is no way to celebrate, is it? So I propose this:

T-Shirt/Logo contest.

Basically, I’m as artistically inclined as a goat. So while I would love to unveil a new logo or design for the birthday of the site… I can’t do it on my own. To that end I would like your help: submit your designs in the comments thread for this post. We’ll have another thread in about a weeks time to pick the top three.


All contests have rewards, no? There will be a few rewards for this:

  • The top three designs will be made into t-shirts and sent to their respective designers.
  • The top design will be the logo of ProfessionalVMware.com for the next 1yr (Logo, favicon, and t-shirt in a cafepress store).
  • For the first 12 (or however many submissions we get if less than 12) I’ll mail you your choice of one of the designs picked.


Basically, keep it “Professional”. Really, that’s it.

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