ProfessionalVMware Podcast? – Would you come?

After the success of the VCP4 beta study call I am thinking that a Podcast would be a good idea. The difficulty is:

  • Would you come?
  • What subjects would you like covered?
  • How often?
  • Live show? Recorded? Both?
  • Call-in show?

I figure I can answer some of these, however, as the show is for YOU I figure it is best that I let YOU decide. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

9 thoughts on “ProfessionalVMware Podcast? – Would you come?

  • I'm in. I vote that it be live (via webex, Adobe Connect, Wimba, whatever) with questions allowed via twitter/IM/phone/whatever. Sounds like an awesome thing. Even if it is just a pre-recorded podcast where I don't get to ask questions it could be good (if done right). Have different topics every week and invite different guest to come in and present their expertise. It would be an _AWESOME_ help to me and my job.

  • I'm down – I think this would be awesome! I agree – live and call for the format, either weekly or bi-weekly. Since I'm still a VMware noob, I think it would be helpful to have at least a small portion of the podcast address topics geared toward newcomers – how-to tidbits, common mistakes to avoid, etc. I'd also be interested in discussions on where virtualization is heading and how the industry is changing. I'd also be very interested in security/vulnerabilities and virutalization topics.

  • I think it will be a great idea. Sharing knowledge is key these days and having a postcast is a really good and cost effective medium.
    I'm may not be the best person as I'm not a Vexpert but I am a VCP. I very willing to help out!

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