Holy sVmotion Fail Batman!

I thought I had covered failed sVmotion in a past post, or at least some of the symptoms. Alas, I can not find the post (either I fail at Google, or they fail at indexing my content… likely the first). During a recent sVmotion fail I came across a wonderful cleanup KB from vmware.com. From the KB:


    * Storage VMotion (SVMotion) fails or is interrupted.
    * A generic DMotion error displays on the console in the Remote Command-Line Interface (RCLI).
    * In VirtualCenter or VMware Infrastructure (VI) Client connected directly to an ESX host, the virtual machine appears running or stopped in the inventory.
      If you right-click the virtual machine and select one of the hard disks, it references a DMotion file instead of the VMDK.
      If you right-click the virtual machine in VirtualCenter, the Power and Snapshot options are not available.
      If you right-click the virtual machine in VirtualCenter, the Complete Migration option is available, but it does not work.
      The VMX and vmware.log files are moved to the destination datastore but have duplicates in the original datastore. The files in the original datastore contain original virtual machine information.
      The DMotion*-delta.vmdk and the VMName*-flat.vmdk files may remain on the source volumes or may be moved to the destination datastore.

Unfortunately it is a long post, and pasting it here ruins the formatting, so to see the solution, you’ll have to click through.

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