Cleaning out the RSS Reader

The last one of these got quite a bit of mileage, so it may be worthwhile to repeat them on occasion. This week, while sitting in VMwares DSA (Deploy, Secure, Analyze) Class posting will be ‘interesting’ at best. So here it goes:

Virtu-al’s first Online VMUG was a success, with about 30-45 viewers. It’s been recorded if you missed it, and you can sign up for the next one from the site.

VMware released a bunch of the VMworld ‘08 & VMworld Europe ‘09 material for free online. Amongst these is “AD2764 – Managing VMware with PowerShell”. You knew that one was coming, didn’t you?

The 2TB problem. Virtual Geek actually did a better write up on this than the one I had sitting in my drafts folder. As with anything else he writes it’s a worthwhile read.

The VMware Coffee Talk on PowerShell happened. All and all an excellent presentation. The ‘Demo’ mode was interesting as was the remainder of the subject matter. I hope there is a follow up on some more specific topics.

VMware also release some new classes for vSphere that seem to be centered around job specific roles. Which may mean there are some interesting things to come certification wise.

Thanks for tuning in again! If you have any questions, or comments, leave me a note in the comments.