Oh My God! Tripwire Ops Check.

2009-05-13_1954 I have to honest. I haven’t given the Tripwire tools the time of day prior. Wether it was because I didn’t have any time, or I felt my own skill at scripting was good enough, I don’t know.

After a run in with a v-motion issue while at Citrix Synergy/Virtualization Congress 2009, and having Mr Steven Beaver hit me with the clue bat, I downloaded and run the Tripwire Ops check. Honestly I was floored. Just point it at a Virtual Center, click your cluster/host, and then click go. It was that simple.

So what does OPS Check do? Well, it’ll latch onto your virtual center, and make sure all of your requirements for VMotion are met.

Yes yes you can do this by hand, and you can even script it. Having it all drawn together into a slick and useful GUI however, just makes it that much more useful. Especially in LARGE environments. Lets take a look at a few screenshots:


At the login screen, you can just feel the “awesome” radiate. Lets look a bit deeper:


Sorry for the white spots in this one. Names had to be removed to protect the innocent. Basically, the interface will let you search by clusters, or hosts, and will then run some specific checks to verify VMotion will work. Good stuff!

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