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What Happens When Chuck Norris Divides By Zero? – Virtualizing Virtualization

Sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing. Or is it?

I’ve had a few specific use cases come up (demos for Virtualization Congress) where running one virtualization platform, on another virtualization platform makes sense (There will be instructions released on doing this closer to the show). Suffice it to say the process is slow, mildly painful, and leaves you feeling rather unclean for days. Read: Not For Production.

I am however looking for cases where such may be used in production, and well, am not coming up with anything that holds water. Ghetto VDI? Not sure. Have you seen it in production? Share your stories in the comments.

4 thoughts on “What Happens When Chuck Norris Divides By Zero? – Virtualizing Virtualization

  • Not exactly sure what you are looking for Cody but I have seen/used LeftHand's Virtual SAN appliances running on ESX clusters for remote branch offices in the wild where 'real' SANs are too cost prohibitive. The VSA runs in a VMDK on a local VMFS and then presents an iSCSI target BACK to the ESX server to format as VMFS to run more VMs on. 🙂 All without collapsing the Universe.

    Local ESX VMFS ->VSA VMDK -> LUN VMFS -> VM VMDK ->Windows NTFS.

    Allows for vMotion/DRS/HA with only local storage.

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