Project VRC!

Came across this in my RSS reader, and figured it was worth a mention. Project VRC (Virtual Reality Check) provides vendor neutral white papers on how to best configure Xen, Hyper-V, and VMware for different workloads.

Do you wonder about virtualization? Are you seeking for the best virtualization platform for your specific environment? Project VRC shows you the way!

Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is a joint venture of Log•in Consultants and PQR, who have researched the optimal configuration for the different available hypervisors (hardware virtualization layers). The project arises from the growing demand for a founded advice on how to virtualise Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop (VDI) workloads. Through a number of researches, Log•in Consultants and PQR show you the scaling possibilities for Terminal Server environments as well as Virtual Desktops

Go on along to their page, register, and pull down the white papers. Definitely a worthy read.