Your New Best Friend – The rCLI

My new best friend? You can’t tell me who my friends are! That is not allowed! Who is this rCLI fellow and how dare you make such a claim!

Well, the rCLI, better known as “VMware Infrastructure Remote CLI”

The VMware Infrastructure Remote CLI provides a command-line interface for datacenter management from a remote server. This interface is fully supported on ESX 3.5 Update 2 and ESXi Update 2.

Cool, so what?

So what? I’ll tell you what. This gets to be another of the many tools in your VMware admin toolkit. It is especially useful for doing things like… managing ESXi remotely in the same fashion you would the ESX service console. Further, it makes all of it’s calls via the API. Giving you a single point to manage ESX and ESXi, and to do only those things you can from the CLI (esxtop anyone?). It comes in three flavors, a Windows installable, a Linux installable, a virtual appliance.

In fact, while you download it, and read a bit of the manual, I’ll spin up a quick example of just how cool it really is:

Below is an example of how to list all nic’s on an esx host, as well as delete a vSwitch. Enjoy!

Listing of available commands
esxcfg-nics –l

esxcfg-vswitch –l

esxcfg-vswitch –d then esxcfg-vswitch -l