New Web based HCL

VMware has recently added a searchable tool for their HCL (Hardware Compatibility List). This tool makes it much easier to search for any hardware in question. Also, you can export the results into a spreadsheet if needed: The PDF version of the compatibility guides are still available (for now?) under the “Other Documents”. I[…]

VM Mobility Guide

There have been a few situations lately where having the VMware VM Mobility guide was quite handy. Thanks to a co-worker for finding this and bringing it to my attention. Because different products were launched at different times, you cannot determine corresponding generations by matching product version numbers.   The following list provides a quick[…]

Today is the Day…

That I go on Vacation! I’ll be leaving in about 2 hours to sunny Boca Raton, Florida to spend the next two weeks with family and friends for the holidays. The blog volume will likely slow "WAY” down, but I believe I’m leaving you in the hands of some very capable guest posters: Pancil, Darky,[…]