More PowerShell Goodness

One of the greatest things about working with/on VMware is the attention they pay to the community that has built up around their products. The community itself becomes a great resource for feedback to the company and for support to new users. Their PowerShell community is no exception to this. Here is a post on[…]

Installing VM Tools Without Reboots

Hal is amazing, he truly is. As part of this amazing, he brings us a VI Toolkit for Windows script that will install the VM tools without rebooting the VM’s. $cluster = "< >" # Enter the required cluster name $installerArgs = ‘REBOOT="ReallySuppress"’ Get-Cluster -Name $cluster | Get-VM | % { (Get-View $_).UpgradeTools_Task($installerArgs) } Pretty[…]


Sorry, that I chose a budget host before starting down this road. The budget host, doing what budget hosts do, had a badly handled failure. This in turn caused the site to be down since yesterday at 2p PST.We’re back up for now… but we’ll see. Here is a link to their issue page: Spacey[…]

Where Is The VDI Post?

With the rest of the VMware blog scene talking about VDI/VDM, and VMware’s new View, why don’t I have a post? Simply because I have no experience in this area of virtualization, and don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction, or provide you with misinformation on the subject. If you would like, however,[…]