Virtualization Congress 2009 Call for Papers

So I’m thinking of submitting.  All submissions are due December 31st. Accepted Topics     * Application virtualization & streaming     * Benchmarks     * Cloud computing     * Hosted virtual desktops infrastructures (connection brokering, thin clients, etc.)     * Software development & testing through virtual lab automation     * Storage virtualization     * Technology adoption[…]

Security in a Virtual Environment

So Tarry Singh posted today on the VMware security advisiories. While that’s been covered here, and elsewhere, I did find a few of his points interesting: Ask yourself the following: * Do you know that such malicious attacks are not taking place in your environment? * Do you know if there is some sort of[…]

More on VMware DPM and MTBF

I posted on this earlier, but wanted to follow up with some posts by some smarter folks, Mike Laverick, Chris Wolf, and VirtualGeek have now all blogged on this, and the general consensus is that DPM is still “experimental” and unless there is a compelling reason, it may be best not to play with fire. […]

Exchange on VMware

Timely blog posts for the WIN! This came up at the office today, that is to say, is running Exchange in a VM a good idea? The general consensus was that "YES” it is. You see those quotes there, they’re significant. That is not to blanketly say that running a massive Exchange deployment in a[…]

Killing a Stuck or Hung VM

Like everything else, there are more than a few ways to do this.  We’ll cover them here from least to most painful. All of these require access to the service console, so ESXi users… Sorry. vmware-cmd stop hard Log into the service console (SSH, iLO, KVM, etc) Type “vmware-cmd –l” This will return a list[…]