VMware Converter 4.0 Public Beta available

VM /ETC clued me in on this one, but it’s worth mentioning here as well:

The VMware Converter 4.0 Public Beta is available. The next version of VMware’s stand alone and enterprise converter is now in beta. Like Mr. /ETC says, the links have been hit or miss for registration and download, but once you get in, do get it and play around.

Some of the cooler features:

* Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Linux (RHEL, SUSE, and

Ubuntu) as source

* Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Windows Server 2008 as


* Support for converting new third-party image formats, including Parallels

Desktop virtual machines, newer versions of Symantec, Acronis, and StorageCraft

* Workflow automation enhancements to include automatic source shutdown,

destination start-up as well as shut down one or more services at source and

start up services at Windows destination

* Power off source machine when conversion is finished

* Hot cloning improvements for cloning any changes to the source system during

the P2V conversion process

* Target disk selection, and ability to specify how the volumes will be laid

out in the new destination virtual machine

* Destination virtual machine configuration, including CPU, memory, and disk

controller type.

Woot! With any luck I’ll have a few screens of a Linux conversion shortly.

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