December 6, 2017

Build Day Live

Live at 12:00 PM PDT April 26

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About Build Day Live

vBrownBag is all about education in Enterprise IT. Build Day Live is an extension to that – taking hardware and software in a new direction by building it into an existing infrastructure. By documenting this day one install, we can give you a more realistic view of what it takes to incorporate hardware and software solutions.

The BDL team comes to the corporate offices, and works closely with their best engineers as we take their appliance (or software solutions) and install into our own data center. If time,  we also add a little Day 2 experience into the mix. Everything from hardware configuration, vSphere installs, and more.

Build Day Live Add-Ons

Sometimes, it’s more than just the build itself. We work with others to give you a good idea why you should use this solution, as well as what to expect while you install. We have a list of experts that help in the production of Build Day Live that will also give you the executive edge.

About the Build Day Live Crew

Alastair Cooke:

On-Air Host, and co-founder: Alastair has been teaching people how to deploy and manage VM environments for 12 years. He is an influencer in the Enterprise IT arena and has written for TechTarget, amongst other publications. Alastair is from New Zealand, but spends at least 12 weeks a year in the U.S. attending conferences, talking with peers, creating tech talks for vBrownBag, and hosting Build Day Live events.

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Jeffrey Powers:

An IT Admin in his day, Jeffrey left his full-time job in 2007 to pursue podcasting/livestream. Keeping a toe in the enterprise water, he has followed the path of the data center through the camera eyehole. Jeffrey has been livestreaming events in Enterprise IT since 2009. Jeffrey also covers consumer, auto, and music tech on

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Keith Townsend

Keith Townsend:

Keith recently became an Independent advisor to executives. Coming from an Infrastructure Architect role, Keith now talks with CEOs, CFOs, and other execs on trends and important business matters of IT infrastructure. Now the CTO Advisor, Keith is part of the executive add-on to Build Day Live.

The CTO Advisor Website


Past Build Day Live Events

Oracle Ravello HVX Hypervisor – December 7th, 2017

We were at Tel Aviv to check out Oracle Ravello and their Cloud solution to your VMWare or KVM Data Center. Instead of installing to a physical infrastructure, we will be installing to the Cloud using Ravello’s proprietary Hypervisor called HVX Hypervisor. We will then work using their management platform to run collections of VMs across the Hybrid Cloud.

Datrium DVX – November 16th, 2017

A trip to Mountain View, CA to find out about Open Convergence with Datrium DVX. Keith Townsend joined us for his CTO Advisor interviews.

HPE SimpliVity 380 – 10-26-2017

We learn how to unbox, setup, and configure the HPE SimpliVity 380

Pure Storage M50/M70 All Flash Array – 7-20-2017

At Sunnyvale, CA, we stop by Pure Storage to install the M50 All-Flash Array, then update it to an M70.

The First Build Day Live – HPE HC380 – April 6, 2017

We start this fun ride in Houston, TX at the HPE campus to install and configure an Hyperconverged 380. This has been updated to the SimpliVity 380.