August 7, 2018

Beating IT Burnout

Stress and burn out are big elements in many IT careers and can be harmful to your professional future and your personal relationships. We cannot make your workplace, managers, coworkers, or clients better but we can help you to handle the craziness that is all around.

Blog Posts About Burnout and Stress

Eric Lee has written about his trudge through IT Burnout and the fight to keep it at bay

Eric Shanks wrote about The Dark Side of IT Stress

I’m not an Eric, but I did write about the other side, What Brings You Joy? Do More of That.

IT Burnout Strategy Cards

These cards were distributed at VMworld 2018, each card has a simple strategy to help you practice mindfulness every day which in turn will help you prevent burn out in your IT career. The fundamental idea is to take a moment to think about yourself and how you feel, rather than the million things you need to do or places you need to be.


  • These tools will provide you with a foundation to incorporate a simple Mindfulness Practice in your everyday life.
  • Chose one card/ day and practice the tool. Share it with a friend, family member or co-worker.
  • Discover how to be mindful wherever you are―at home with your family or work, on your daily commute, or while traveling.

Click on the image below to open the pdf of each card.