Episode Followup – Developer Career Coaching & Level Up Projects with Bob Belderbos!

Bob Belderbos is a Software Developer, Python Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Entrepreneur! In this Developer Career Coaching interview we talk about what developers should be learning when they are at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We also get into how to use AI to become a better programmer at all levels!!

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Who is Bob?
05:20 – Chris triggers Shala with C++ comments 😀
06:40 – Why did Bob get into coaching?
10:00 – What kind/type of students?
16:30 – Tutorial Paralysis & the real world is messy
20:30 – Beginner Advice
23:00 – What other skills does a beginner need to pick up?
27:00 – Intermediate Advice
35:00 – Keep a “Wins” file & overcoming Impostor Syndrome
37:00 – Advanced Advice
41:15 – How to best leverage AI
43:45 – Why soft skills are (still) so important
47:30 – Python book recommendations
50:30 – When do you know you’ve leveled up?

PDI Program: https://pybit.es/pybites-developer-init/
PDM Program: https://pybit.es/catalogue/the-pdm-program/

What would you want to ask a Developer Career Coach?

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