Episode Followup – VMware Security in a Multi-Cloud World – Waldemar Pera

The world has changed, and there is no going back. Applications are no longer only in your data center, and users are not in the offices. However, the need to maintain information security objectives remains, even if the old methods do not necessarily continue to be valid. In this session, you will see how VMware Security allows you to adopt the multi-cloud world without losing the destiny of staying safe. Find out how to go from cloud first to cloud smart without falling into cloud chaos. Security requires a holistic view, not isolated tools. It must also include three pillars: applications, users and the connection between them. In today’s multi-cloud, VMware has the tools to build the elements for end-to-end security

The next video in Waldemar’s series is here: https://youtu.be/UYzr4BMc1wY

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